As a Mom, and an employee, I chose Our Children’s Place not only for their convenient location, but for their quality care. Care of their employees and children go above and beyond. It’s only my third week employed here, but I am looking forward to many more memories and happy times for my daughter, Natalie and I.

Becky Coates

In today’s world it seems that both parents have to work for a living. It’s very difficult for a first time parent to have to leave their child for the first time, especially with people they do not even know.

My 2 year old daughter Gracie has been at CCDP since she was 3 months old, and it is very important to my husband and me that she is well taken care of. We have gotten to know almost everyone at CCDP and there is great communication between teachers/directors and parents, which is important when your child is there 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Gracie has become such a happy, well-rounded 2 year old… it makes me happy that I can go to work everyday and know my child is being taken care of, and for that I thank all the teachers and the director at CCDP.

Suzanne Raes-Brucker

 Our experience has been one of excellence! As new parents, the thought of placing our infant son in a daycare was frightening. Now that our son has been at Our Children’s Place our opinion regarding daycare has completely changed. The staff is genuinely interested and extremely educated in the ways of caring for and nuturing the children in their care. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone! 

Bernadette Murphy

 Thank you to Our Children’s Place of Clifton Springs for providing a safe and activity filled place to be. My children enjoy the staff and are tired when they get home. It gives us peace of mind while we are at work. 

The Newton Family

 We have been at OCP for three years now. Zoey and Mya both know the teachers at OCP and are their extended family. Both my children never want to leave at the end of the day because they are having so much fun and feel so comfortable at OCP. The teachers at OCP all go above and beyond to make my children feel loved, cared for, and comfortable. They go out of their way every day. They truly treat these kids as they would their own, not like it’s just a job. The teachers make all the difference in the room. They make learning and growing a fun, happy experience. We could not be more impressed. 

Steve & Sara Overslaugh

 We truly are appreciative of the warmth and attentiveness shown by staff at Our Children’s Place. 

Kammy C.

 My daughter loves going to Head Start. Every morning the first thing she asks is when are we going to school. I always feel bad telling her we have to wait until the afternoon, but as we walk to school, she is always pulling me along so she can get there faster. She loves the structure that school adds to her life and sometimes even doesn’t like having to come home. The introduction to a school environment without the high expectations is really going to help her when she goes to Kindergarten. Head Start has helped us get the help our daughter needed with both speech therapy and physical therapy and made it possible for her to get those on a regular schedule. Head Start is a program not just for school readiness for the kids, but a program that allows the whole family to get involved! 

Matt H.

 My son has continued to blossom in the School Age Program at Our Children’s Place. We were having behavior problems and acting out and then we were able to get him in the program over the summer and his behavior has made a complete turnaround, it’s like a new kid. He is happy every day, and he loves the time he gets to play with his peers, the outdoors playtime, and the great relationship he has with the staff! It has really made quite a difference in our lives, I was at my wits end and now he is one the most amazing little boys I have ever seen. And I am a HUGE fan of the Second Step Program that they use to help the kids deal with their feelings and behaviors. I don’t know where we would be without Our Children’s Place, because they truly gave me back my son! 

Jaime M.

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