The School Age Program provides recreational and educational activities for school-age children before and after regular school hours, on school holidays and summer vacations. The School Age Program will make every effort to provide care in emergency situations (i.e. snow days). On June 22, 2012, the school age program moved back to the Canandaigua Early Childhood Center at 55 Wilcox Lane after being located at the Canandaigua Veteran’s Medical Center on Fort Hill Ave. since September of 2001.


  • Children are transported to and from the program by Canandaigua City School District buses
  • Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided on 1/2 and full days
  • School Days are from 6:30 AM – 8:45 AM and 3:00 PM – 5:45 PM
  • 1/2 Days are from 11:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Vacations and Holidays are from 6:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • During warmer weather children can barbeque outside, roller blade and use scooters, picnic at the pavilions
  • Children also participate in many community activities and interact in an intergenerational program with VA veterans
  • Summer Camp includes visits to Onanda Park once a week and a weekly special field trip which the children help plan


  • Homework Room
  • Playground Area
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Dramatic Play
  • Games & Manipulatives
  • Blocks & Woodworking
  • Science Center
  • Cooking Projects
  • Reading Area
  • Computer Room


The children need to display good character traits (i.e. Respect and care for others, honesty, healthy living and responsibility)

The children need to take responsibility for their own actions

The children need to respect the rules that have been set by them and for them

Children need to take care of their own belongings and help maintain the program’s equipment and materials

Children should view themselves as members of their community and should be provided opportunities to plan activities in the community.


My name is Judy Corino, I have lived in New York all my life, I grew up in Canandaigua and now live in Rushville with my husband. I have two grown children and three wonderful grandchildren. I am a farmer that raises Alpacas, we have two horses, chickens, 1 cat and 3 dogs. My hobbies are reading, being creative and enjoying my grandchildren.

I have always been fond of children and how they grow and all the milestones they meet. After the birth of my first child is when I decided to go to school to work with children. I received my associate degree at FLCC and my Bachelors through Empire State College. I did my field experience at this center and was offered a job and I have never left. Most of my years here have been with preschool, until I was offered the job to become the Director of the school age program.

What I love about working with school age is that they are growing into maturity, they ask questions about serious stuff one minute and then they are off to play doggies the next. They want to be independent, but also need support. School age children are helpful in making plans and sharing ideas for activities, they can expand on projects and problem solve. They start to form deep friendships and work well in a group setting. I am happy to be a part of this growth period and to get to know these children as I see them grow.

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